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healing services

lizzy is a trained energy healer & medium.

energy, storytelling & divinatory tools can help you stand in your power and see yourself more clearly <3 

if you are ready, email me or dm me on instagram @thefeelingslair. if you have questions, feel free to contact me.

all services offered online.

Thank you Lizzy May for my incredible ancestral/spirit guidance session. Everything that arose was so on point for things in my field right now and gave me such clarity and guidance for how to move forward with these things, and confirmation that I'm on the right track. I sensed an infectious enthusiasm and amazing abilities. I now have things to get on with, with even more trust and love. 

client reflections

I just received the most beautiful ancestral reading from Lizzy May. With her amazing gift of intuition and channeling, she was able to connect with ancestors that I had previously never had access to but had always felt were there. It was so wonderful feeling them with me. The messages resonated with me deeply, and I am very grateful for this gift. 

Lizzy’s practice is permeated with trust, play, and a sense of wonder. Her fiery approach to spiritual work engaged and calmed me as she lead me through an hour of investigation and unpacking the self, without presumption or ego. I left my session with Lizzy feeling invigorated and encouraged, and like I had a lot to work with and chew on. I particularly appreciated when she guided me in a beautiful meditation to clear negative thoughts and energy.

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