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an exploration of time, longing and desire

Does the waiting make us feel weightless?

weighted down?

Does the waiting affect the weighting?


This quaranzine is all poetry I've written and collaged while staying-at-home (except one- can you guess?) at my apartment in Chicago. The other pages are either scraps of thoughts or cyanotypes, a blue early photography method popularized by Anna Atkins. These particular papers were given to be by my best friend Alli.

Deep thanks to my partner Jake. I've been working on/talking about this all the time with no one else around and he's been big encouraging and helped me out of various holes & blocks.


 It's pay what you can, my venmo is @May-Lizzy and my paypal is linked here. If you like and you are able, consider throwing a five on it. 

Sometimes this work was really fun and I flew to it and sometimes it was like moving my body through wet sand. I think you get it. 

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