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  • created a theater department at a pre-K through 8 CPS school based on success of after-school theater programming

  • developed a trauma responsive theater curriculum with a team of artists, educators, counselors and administrators

  • developed original assessment tracking practices to measure social-emotional and content based growth

  • resulted in 16 original productions by students performed for the community

  • selected based on program success to coach arts teachers on relational trust and classroom engagement

  • chosen to speak at 2019 Ingenuity Arts Education Conference on devising in the middle school classroom as anti-racist pedagogy

  • founded a theater education nonprofit, Backyard Chicago to implement this model in after-school and summer programming at three other schools in Chicago

  • translated trauma-responsive devising practices to the Zoom classroom through three successful theater camps with the Chicago Children's Theatre and four successful classes

  • mentored and coached other teachers on Zoom instruction, creating original assessment practices translating pedagogy into an online context

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